Gleefully Experience London on a River Thames Boat Hire

Of course everyone knows that the River Thames runs through the center of London but people are only now discovering that you can hire a boat to take a sight seeing trip on the River Thames. If you are interested in sight seeing then there is no better way to see the most historic sights of London then by boat on the River Thames.

This is because Old London was built up along the water front and there is no clearer view of all the sights that are there than by boat. Whether you are interested in an adventure by speed boat for you and a few of your friends, or have a largar group, finding a boat to acomódate you is no problem at all.

There are even multi-decked craft that can carry up to two-hundred and forty people for a corporate event or a wedding party. Some of these larger boats come with full dining and cocktail lounge facilities as well and the cuisine is superb.

For photography, a boat trip along the River Thames is a veritable gold mine of oportunities with uncluttered views of the Tower of London, Parliament and much, much more. Even if you are interested in getting in some angling on the River Thames there is a boat there to accomodate you. You will find that the boarding facilities are first rate with plenty of safe parking, dining facilities and easy to locate restrooms.

The great thing about touring London by boat is that you won´t have to deal with the crowds of tourists and all of the captains and crew are expert tour guides with a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Prices are very reasonable and you will have no trouble finding a boat to fit your needs. It is important that you make reservations ahead of time and let them know how many people will be in your party.

Places Celebrities Eat in London

Imagine the excitement that comes over you when you realise that on the table opposite there is a celebrity digging into their Sunday lunch? Talking from experience its exhilarating and an amazing feeling, but where do you find these celebrities? Surely they don’t just eat anywhere? Read on….

Star of India
The star of India, as the name suggests is an Indian restaurant, but not just any restaurant! The Star of India was founded by top chef Shah Boshir Uddin Ahmed in 1978 who has since retired, but not before teaching everything he knows to his son who is now the executive chef manager.

The Star of India is always busy and is frequented by local and international stars, in order to ensure you get a table make sure you book well in advance. Based on two floors, the restaurant offers a unique private setting for the diners which appeals to the famous.

875 High Road
E11 1HR

Gordon Ramsay – Claridges
Anyone whos anyone has been to this London restaurant. This is mainly due to the owner being a celebrity in his own right! Gordon Ramsey known for being a meticulous perfectionist and ruthless with his staff ensures the food you eat will be fabulous and celebrities know this too and are often spotted at this restaurant.

Brook Street

Chez Bruce
Small comfortable restaurant by chef-patron Bruce Poole is well known to be frequented by celebrities of all forms. Chez Bruce only seats 70 people in the main dining area, with a further private dining section which will seat only 18 – a feature used often by celebrities.

2 Bellevue Road,
Wandsworth Common,
SW17 7EG

London: A favorite tourist destination

If you haven’t heard, London is that the gray, crowded, rainy, metropolis in the south east of England with congestion charges to drive through the capital city and the second highest cost of living behind Moscow. It is also the world’s most popular tourist destination with some 27 million annual visitors who help make London’s Heathrow Airport the busiest in the world. I have a personal addiction to London; so much so that I packed up my life in New York and moved here about a year ago. So what’s all the fuss about?

Culture, for one. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world with 30% of us born outside England. This has its ups and downs, but it means a lot of variety in events, a celebration of every nation’s holidays, foods to try that you can’t even pronounce. More importantly, it means going out to the pub and meeting people from Australia, South Africa, Ghana, China, Brazil, Canada, etc. Think of all the interesting conversations and travel opportunities. If you’re visiting, there are loads of international youth hostels which are great places to make a few friends. Try Hostel 639 in Kensal Green, right across from the tube.

Like I just mentioned above, food. English cuisine doesn’t come across with the best reputation in the world what with jellied eels, mushy peas and Bubble & Squeak. Don’t want to know? Good, because I don’t want to think about it. But London offers some great options. In fact the most popular dish here is curry, due to the high Indian population and selection of restaurants. There are over 6,000 licensed restaurants in the capital city with over 50 countries represented in their menu choices. One of my personal favorite London restaurants is the Italian La Gaffe, which is also a hotel, in Hampstead. The family run business has a great staff that will have you in fits of giggles if you’re nice.

Once you’ve filled that rumbling stomach, you might be in the mood for some entertainment. No worries. London’s got you covered. Fancy a show? With approximately 150 theatres, 100 cinemas and 60 annual film festivals, you’ve got a lot to choose from. If you’d rather see a band, there are the big guns like Led Zeppelin rumored to be coming back this summer or up and coming bands (I have to recommend my boyfriend’s band, The Stayaways or I might get in trouble. But really, check them out if you’re in town. With 47 major rock and pop venues in London, you’ve got a lot of choice. Try Camden’s Koko or Barfly

UK Airport chauffeur service

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At Airports Runner, the chauffeurs are all trained to treat you like royalty and family at the same time, so you will be put to ease both before and after any major travel. The vehicles are kept in excellent condition, from the interiors to the exteriors. Fully air conditioned and exceptionally maintained to suit the highest standards, this cheap UK Airport taxi will certainly be worth your money. You can also get to choose the car for your private transport. Whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or with an extended number of people, there is an ideal vehicle ready to cater to you and your loved one’s requirements.

If what you need is cheap UK Airport taxi to take you anywhere to and from London airports, seaports, and postcodes, then Airports Runner is your best choice.

Scotland And Wales Great Places To See In Your Car Hire

If Scotland is blessed with nature, Wales has also much more to offer than its daffodils. It is also blessed by nature. It is why it is soulful, green and above all it is a country of rolling moorlands and mountains of un-melting snow.

How could you enjoy nature’s bounty by not being or one with it? Best choice would be when visiting Wales, be as near the nature as possible. So travel by road and visit the countryside, it is full of centers for water sports and adventure, racecourses and horse riding centers besides enormous fishing or angling centers.

Using Car Hire UK’s free from frills services; take a car of your choice. It could be from Car Hire Scotland or Car Hire Wales. All will depend from where you start your journey to unwind nature’s bounty and its unbridled beauty.

Car Hire Wales makes it all the more worthwhile for being designed to help and suit its clients with easy and economical insurance cover, service on demand and freedom to choose pick up and drop off points for the rentals.

Only a free movement, possible only through your own vehicle, will give enough time to admire each of castles or forts, the history has behind for us to admire or to go to a game of rugby union or attend a performance of mellifluous male-voice choirs or your encounters at romantic castles.

Then people with querying lilts will fascinate you in the countryside. How can you overlook cheese on toast? Wales has it all.

After full day of tryst with nature, Wales offers a rich nightlife for relaxation and good fun.

Since distances are small, car on rent taken from Car Hire Wales, one of 5,000-odd units that anycarhire has worldwide, is of tremendous help to visit, stop, watch and move in Wales.

And if you taken a car from London from any of offices of Car Hire UK or Car Hire London, it will take you almost three hours to reach Cardiff. Motorways are friendly and quick. So driving becomes a pleasure besides giving you an extended opportunity to watch beautiful and magnificent countryside making halts wherever you feel enameled by the picturesque settings or backdrops.

Though motorways in Wales match the best in the world, countryside roads may not be that good. Winter can add to the woes of motor drivers. The roads are rendered unsafe and unworthy for vehicular traffic.

Ideally if you are planning a trip to Wales then do it in summer to get the maximum out of it. And since distances are not large and subjects of attention may not be far from each other, it is car from Car Hire Wales that will be more convenient than any other mode for a memorable raid through nature’s bounty.

Car Hire Wales gives not only maps and other required assistance but also promises quick replacement of vehicle in case of a breakdown thus eliminating the possibility of getting you stranded in otherwise amiable and friendly Wales.

Good bars and pubs in London – Part 1

First let’s define “in London” as I think it’s a little unfair to write under this category if the pub in question lies beyond the reach of a London Travelcard. Besides which, armed with Travelcards, no-one has to be the “designated driver” for the evening!

Anyway, all of which I am about to write lie within London Travel Zones 1-4, although some may be suburban and therefore off the “tourist path”.

1. THE FOX, Church Street, Twickenham, Middx.

This little gem is more a rediscovery on my part, having been there for years in my youth, and then somehow dropped it in favor of other venues, or maybe I just didn’t like the beer there at one time. It’s situated in pretty little Church Street, which these days is largely pedestrians-only and which slants diagonally from Twickenham’s shops down to the Thames slipway facing the famous Eel Pie Island, home of early Stones gigs and inventor of the Baygen clockwork radio, Trevor Bayliss.

What I like most about The Fox is its ability to feel like a dive-bar despite only being two steps below sidewalk level, and this adds a unique intimacy to its interior which co-operates by being low-ceilinged as well. It also helps that they serve a damned fine drop of the local Twickenham Ales (brewed half a mile away) and have splendid music nights with plenty of Celtic diddly-eye-dye-dye or tribute bands music. Rowing memorabilia abounds but I don’t let it put me off even if it is “bit of a nice oar” (geddit?) but makes a change from horse-brasses and other knick-knackery I suppose.

My colleagues and I have even been wont to “rehearse” in there before going off to the “official” office Christmas party to get it right. It took my Aussie friend Mike to point out its secluded patio garden which I have to admit I never knew it had!

2. The CITY BARGE, Strand-On-The-Green, Chiswick, W4

This pub is on a riverside walk facing the National Archive on the other bank at Kew. The Beatles were thrown out of here (well, it was a scene from Help! actually). As the Thames is tidal here, it has an interesting array of rubber-gasket-ed doors to keep out the worst excesses of a freak tide. Once again, it’s a cozy affair with good bar food, and it’s where I suggested to my girlfriend (now my wife) that if she was really bored with Norwich, she could come and live at my place. I’m not quite sure how that became misinterpreted, but blow me down, I’m married to her. I dunno, you throw some people a life line and they take advantage

What to look for when taking a Flight?

When choosing a flight, there are a number of important things one should keep in mind to maximize the flying experience. It is important first to consider what you want most from your flight- do you want to get from A-B in the cheapest way possible? Or, would you prefer to splash out a little more and have your flight serve as the beginning to a great vacation (as opposed to a stumbling block on the way)? Are you flying alone, with a friend, or with the whole family (grandma and the kids included)?

Some quick tips for getting what you want out of a flight:

* Invest the time to research the airlines flying to your destination. Most all major airlines will have a website explaining their fleet of aircraft, seat width and leg room, on-board amenities, dietary accomodations, etc. If you are unfamiliar with a carrier, you can also look it up quickly and painlessly on the Better Business Bureau’s website, which will list customer complaints (if any) brought against the airline. This simple background knowledge will go a long way to making your trip more pleasant.

* Money is tight these days, so it is wise to research and take advantage of any discounts an airline may offer. Traveller’s under 26 should check out STA or, which offer both domestic and international flights at deep discounts. Many airlines offer discounts for military personel as well as senior citizens over 65, but may not be forthright about the existence of these discounts. Make sure you ask.

* If you will be travelling with a large group (perhaps to a family reunion or wedding), ask around with various airlines and travel agents about booking tickets with a group discount. This could amount to substantial savings all around.

* Read the fine print! When booking with low cost carriers, the initial flight may be inexpensive, but tight baggage restrictions may be in place, and excess baggage fees are high. Be sure to check baggage restrictions for bringing sports equipment and wheelchairs aboard so that you understand all of the associated fees. At times, more expensive tickets with one airline actually offer the better bargain if you are bringing heavy or unusually shaped baggage aboard.

* If you are planning to travel to Europe, especially if you are flying from the east coast, consider booking your flight in two legs- A NY City to London flight, followed by a flight on one of Europe’s low-cost airlines to your final destination. Carriers like Ryanair ( and EasyJet ( fly to a wide variety of European destinations out of London, at a fraction of the cost of booking a multi-leg flight on a US carrier.

Check back soon for more travel tips!


London’s Calling: Don’t Forget to Go!

London is a city you will find on most peoples’ lists as a destination that they would like to visit at some point on their travels. And many who have already had the opportunity would agree that not visiting London is like everyone else having a secret and you’re the only one who does not know about it!

Indeed, the most popular tourist attractions of the city (and possibly the UK) are not to be missed. Furthermore, London also offers a genuine insight into city life in Britain and perhaps further displays how this vibrant city differs from other popular destinations located throughout the world.

To gain an idea of what London is like without having actually set foot in the capital, then guidebooks and tourist information are perhaps not necessary. For those who are fully aware, general media in the form of music, films and television will have acted as their main source of knowledge. However, regardless of the impression of London you will have gathered through other sources, what is true is that there are many attractions worth investigating on your travels.

To name but a few; the London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, is an observation wheel in London that is visited by over 3 million people each year. If impressive scenery is of interest then this is where the best views of the London skyline and outer districts are to be had. For those who are not a great fan of heights, they can, as an alternative, take one of the many bus tours on offer!

Even if you have never had a proper trip to London city itself, you may well have been to Heathrow airport en route to another destination. This large airport is among the busiest in the world and flights to London from airports around the globe are common visitors to Heathrow’s runways. This is particularly true considering London is central to all things business related, and least forgetting being home to an estimated 7.5 million people.

Of course, the main attractions that are Westminster, Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Madame Tussauds, Big Ben and Chinatown perhaps need no introduction. But it would be out of the question to not fully explore other regions situated in London, as there is something for everyone to be found among the many different boroughs and ethnic groups.

Famous for its enterprise, fashion and vibrant nightlife, London is a city full of people with larger than life attitudes. Take a trip to London and if you are willing to to open your eyes and broaden your mind a little, you are sure to enjoy and come away with many wonderful memories. Therefore, whatever the reason to go there, then you will return with a new list of reasons why you should one day go back.

Car Hire Bournemouth Airport – The Best Way To Travel UK

When flying into London, many travelers will want to employ the use of an automobile. The Exeter airport is only 5km from the city. One can also get quickly to other tourist hotspots in a matter of minutes.

To arrange a car hire Exeter Airport, has many separate options. The locations in driving distance are endless, and the smaller airport allows travelers to either find a hotel close to it, or use it as a hub to gain access to other area airports.

This airport has been in operation since May of 1937, and continues to expand as time goes by. The coming years will see the airport meet its maximum capacity, so the north side of the airfield will likely become the site of a new passenger terminal.

Another close-by airport, situated to the east of Exeter, is the Bournemouth Airport, that has recently seen an impressive increase in its number of passengers. They have also seen a huge increase in passengers, and in response added more wonderful destinations to its list of flight options that include Luxor, Egypt, Amsterdam twice a day, and the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey.

Once travelers venture out from these airports, there is the option to use the Underground system, but it will limit their ability to get around at their individual pace. Much of the best sightseeing is done on the roadways, so hiring a car is truly a preferable way to travel throughout the area.

Some of the best things to do in London do not have to be expensive. The FREE admission museums are located all over London. Children and adults alike will truly enjoy the hands-on Science Museum and the neighboring Museum of Natural History. These offer learning experiences as well as REAL dinosaur bones on display.

The city of London is set to host the 2012 Olympic games, and likewise is creating many new sports facilities to the already numerous sites.

Tourists are able to hire a car for the weekend, or for a full week of their holiday at reasonable rates. For just a short ride over, the town of Windsor shows visitors several wonderful sights. Visitors with children will want to find LEGOLAND, which is a theme park based on those childhood staples – yes, LEGO’s. Then, of course, the picturesque Windsor Castle tour will offer picture opportunities of a lifetime.

All of London is as picturesque as Windsor as well. The London Eye will offer a birds-eye view of the city from the breathtaking height of 135 meters.

Whatever the destination within London, any of the five airports will offer great access. When planning the trip to London on limited time, travelers should determine the best arrival and departure airport for their particular itinerary. The areas in southern London are best accessed by the Bournemouth and Exeter Airports. Fortunately, as the number of passengers increase at both, efforts are being made to expand the terminals, add terminals, and offer more flights to more areas of the world. This will allow more travelers to use these airports as base stations, and destinations. Enjoy the city!

Planning A London Weekend Theatre Trip

A trip to London with your loved one or group of friends to see a London theater show is one of the best ways to spend a short weekend break. The glitz and glamor of the West End, a great meal, a nice hotel, a wonderful theater experience – what better way is there to relax and have fun?

To make your trip as enjoyable as possible, here are a few top tips on how to get the best from your trip to a London West End show.

Getting to London

The first thing you need to ensure is that you can get to London on the date you want, and that there are tickets available for the theater on the date you wish. There would be no point in booking a train or flight only to discover the evening performance of Chicago was sold out three weeks earlier.

There are numerous ways of getting to London from all parts of the UK and London has 18 mainline train stations, 6 national and international airports, and several national bus stations. Take your pick, but bear in mind that travel pricing is more competitive now than it has ever been, so book early and chop around to ensure you get the best deal. Discounts for booking online is often a good way of saving money further.

Theater Tickets

Booking online or by telephone is really the only way to go about this if you want to ensure you get the best theater tickets in advance for the show of your choice.

There are numerous websites that provide this service, but make sure when you do book up, you know where you are sitting before you pay. Often the online companies are allocated seats in certain sections so you could end up with a restricted view or at the rear of the stalls without realizing it. Make sure you have a map of the theater handy and book by telephone to eliminate these problems.


There are literally hundreds of hotels at all levels of comfort and price in and around London, so be wary you don’t end up in a hole in the ground when you thought you were booking a weekend in the lap of luxury.

Obviously, large chains like the Hilton will be able to offer you top-notch accommodation, but for those of us without limitless pots of cash, how can we ensure we book a decent hotel without too much cost?

Again, booking online through reputable agencies is advisable to ensure your booking goes through securely and you have a wide selection to choose from. Word of mouth in the hotel business is something never to be overlooked, so ask your friends before you book if there is anywhere they could recommend – hotels love nothing more than having new guests as the result of a recommendation.

Eating Out

It is said that Greater London has more eateries within its boundary than there are in the whole of the UK put together. Competition in the food industry has never been hotter and it is now possible to enjoy a wonderful meal for much less than you could ten years ago.

There are all kinds of culinary treats for you to choose from in London; everything from Japanese to Moroccan, Turkish to Greek, or Chinese to a traditional British slap-up meal – and they all want your business.

Many restaurants, particularly in and around the vicinity of the West End, offer special pre-theater menus, where you can take advantage of the many offers they have on set meals. So treat yourself to that special meal, get dressed up and enjoy some cocktails before or after meal – or both – then enjoy your West End show fully satisfied.

Traveling in London

Getting about London is easier than most people imagine, in fact, the only people who really complain about it are the commuters who have to travel through it each rush hour.

London has around 19,000 registered taxis, making your trip to the theater generally inexpensive given the cost that taking your own car would incur in congestion and parking charges.

By far the easiest and most convenient forms of transport in London are the Tube and bus services. Both of these are cheap and run regularly to most parts of the city center until late at night, and both are generally quite safe for the theater go-er to travel on. The West End itself has numerous Tube stations, all within walking distance of most of the theaters.

If you concentrate on these five tips, you can be sure that your weekend theater trip to London will go down a treat, and you’ll want to be back to do it all again very soon.