Personal bank loans

The personal bank loan Definition and characteristics Personal loan is an installment loan that falls into the category of unsecured loans, generally of a medium-high amount, which can be used freely by the applicant (excluding business purposes). However, although there is no connection between the sum loaned and the good or service that you intend Continue Reading

Guarantees and insurance on personal loans

How are loans secured? Guarantees Personal loan – finalized loan The personal loan or the finalized loan, differently from the loan, does not provide for the provision of real guarantees (pledge or mortgage) for which, in some cases (ex: fixed-term employment contract, high amount etc.) the financing bodies they may request personal guarantees: the signature Continue Reading

How to get private loans online

Low commissions and secure platform The lending sector has been flooded with the enthusiasm of social lending platforms, so that almost constantly appear a few new platforms to rely on. Among these new entries we find Soisy, an entirely Italian company, which operates thanks to a regular authorization and under the supervision of the Banklly Continue Reading